Holding Pattern

That’s pretty much where we are now, in a holding pattern, just waiting for our son to come. My wife is due in 8 days and we’re ready to roll.

Bags are packed.

Car seat base installed in both cars.

Stroller ready.

Room ready.

Diapers ready. Oh, the diapers. We probably have close to 1,000 diapers.

Doorbell camera to screen any visitors.

Outdoor security camera to catch any shenanigans going on outside. I already caught one person up to no good.

New f/1.8 35mm lens for my camera to document all of the memories.

Four terabyte hard drive to store all of the high-res photos as well as the high definition video.

He’s due the 24th. My money is on him coming a little bit earlier, on the first day of spring. Spring. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Everything’s blooming. 1

We’re ready, Jonah, and we can’t wait to meet you.

  1. All that crap ↩︎