Taking It All In

I’ve been a dad for over a month now and it has been quite the adventure. As I wrote earlier, I’m so incredibly blessed to have an amazing wife and mother to Jonah in Claudia.

We’re starting to get into a bit of a groove now. We’re learning his different cries so it’s a little bit easier to calm him down. But only a little.

But I’m feeling a little more comfortable with him now too. I enjoy the time I get to spend with him. My favorite moments are when he’s in my arms and we’re just looking at each other. No distractions. I like to take it all in.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine before Jonah was born.

“People are going tell you that you shouldn’t always be holding the baby. That he’ll only want to be in your arms and you won’t be able to do anything. Yeah, that might be true, but still, don’t listen to them. They’re only that size for so long and you won’t get that time back.”

And I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been taking it all in.

And because of that, I am going to make a concerted effort to be more in the moment and disconnect. I love the idea behind the Light Phone and the Light Phone 2 . It’s designed to be used as little as possible. Disconnect but still be available. It’s sold out for now but I’ll try to work the concept behind it in my own life.

It’s going to take some getting time and getting used to but I think it will be worth it.


To be in the moment, to take it all in.