Jonah’s First Year

Just over a year and a half ago I started documenting everyday in one second increments in the anticipation of my son’s birth. I posted a few cuts of the project here and here and while watching them back, I realized it was much more interesting to me to document his entire year.

His first birthday was this past March and the project was complete. I, however, still needed to edit and upload the footage. Well wouldn’t you know that having a 1-year-old kinda takes up a ton of your time. Since it wasn’t up in time for his birthday, I figured what better time than Father’s Day to share it with the world?

Thank you, son, for making me a father and filling my life with a joy I never knew existed.

And thank you to my dad, even though he lost his own dad when he was in his adolescence, for being the perfect example to show me what it means to be a present, loving father.