All About Rockets and Donuts

Journey to Jonah

I now know what it means when people say “it’s been a whirlwind” because that’s how the past three weeks have been. My son’s arrival was both expected and not. We knew he was going to come but when the doctor says “let’s go” you don’t have time to let it all sink in. You have to react and, well, go. And how did we get here? Since Claudia was so close to her due date, she had had weekly visits with her doctor.

Epic Conversations

Remember when I said I’m a fiddler? Well, I went ahead and fiddled. You may notice I spruced things up a bit. Take a look around, it’s still a work in progress but I’m pretty happy with it. When I’m not busy having an adorable child, I’m out recording podcasts with John Ryan Cantu. We knew the world was begging to hear our thoughts on anything and everything, so we decided to create Epic Conversations .

One Second Everyday

There’s a much longer blog post coming, but I just haven’t had the time to write it yet since Jonah was born. Stay tuned for that one. If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember I posted how I was documenting 1 second of every day for 2018 using the 1 Second Everyday app. So for this post, I’m posting One Second Everyday, part 2, from January 1 through March 29, 2018.

The Day Has Come

Today’s post is a short one but the most important one so far. My firstborn son, Jonah Zechariah made his debut on Wednesday, March 21 at 4:35am. I don’t know what God has in store for us but I know I will do my best to be the best father I can be to him. Welcome, son. We’ve been waiting for you.

Holding Pattern

That’s pretty much where we are now, in a holding pattern, just waiting for our son to come. My wife is due in 8 days and we’re ready to roll. Bags are packed. Car seat base installed in both cars. Stroller ready. Room ready. Diapers ready. Oh, the diapers. We probably have close to 1,000 diapers. Doorbell camera to screen any visitors. Outdoor security camera to catch any shenanigans going on outside.

Investing in Others

My son is only two weeks away. That is pretty unbelievable. Claudia and I are overwhelmed with excitement to meet him. She’s a little bit more excited because she’s so incredibly over being pregnant. She has constant back pain and is tired because he moves during the night and wakes her up. The good thing is that once he’s born, she’ll finally get the rest she needs. Right? Because he’ll always be asleep?