All About Rockets and Donuts

Holding Pattern

That’s pretty much where we are now, in a holding pattern, just waiting for our son to come. My wife is due in 8 days and we’re ready to roll. Bags are packed. Car seat base installed in both cars. Stroller ready. Room ready. Diapers ready. Oh, the diapers. We probably have close to 1,000 diapers. Doorbell camera to screen any visitors. Outdoor security camera to catch any shenanigans going on outside.

Investing in Others

My son is only two weeks away. That is pretty unbelievable. Claudia and I are overwhelmed with excitement to meet him. She’s a little bit more excited because she’s so incredibly over being pregnant. She has constant back pain and is tired because he moves during the night and wakes her up. The good thing is that once he’s born, she’ll finally get the rest she needs. Right? Because he’ll always be asleep?

Love of Country: Update

I’ve written about immigration and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) before because, being a first generation American, immigration is something I hold near and dear. The fate of DACA wasn’t clear as it was being decided in the courts but things were looking a little bit better. From Axios A federal judge in New York ruled today that while the Trump administration has the right to rescind DACA, it has not provided sufficient legal reasons to do so and thus the program must remain in place while a legal battle plays out.

Speak Up

It was an early dismissal day and I was walking home from school. My buddy and I were just talking, probably about video games, when we saw the parked truck move from side to side. Then we heard screaming. “What’s that?” “Who’s that in there?” We saw him hit her. Then he slapped her. Then he hit her again. A flurry of open hands and fists were raining down on this girl, my age, from a grown man.

Clock is Ticking

Follow up I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post what I did last week since it’s somewhat political, but I’m glad I did. I got a lot of positive response and quite a bit of traffic to the site,[^baref] and most importantly, got DACA on people’s minds. Unfortunately, a proposed bipartisan bill didn’t pass the Senate earlier this week.  The only thing that is keeping DACA alive is that the Supreme Court is meeting today to discuss if the self-imposed termination of the original executive order might have violated the Administrative Procedure Act.

Love of Country

My wife and I went to a Christian marriage seminar in early August of last year where one of the keynote speakers was mid-1980s comedic cultural icon, Yakov Smirnoff . Yes, that one.1 Seriously, this guy was hilarious. Anyway, he talked about how beautiful America is and how he was able to achieve success in this country with a lot of hard work.